Redefining Reality

We redefine reality, inspiring and motivating our generation to shape its future, turning ideas into action. We call for changing the perception of our current state. We believe that a crisis is an one of a kind opportunity to redefine "normal"; models to behaviors, tactics to rules. We promote ideas that change the game, step out of the crowd and make the difference. It's about the classmate who made a simple choice, about the professor who did a small change, about the entrepreneur with the crazy idea, about the person whose reaction towards everything he doesn't like, is to do something about it. We inspire, connect, question, motivate, and lead action for our university and the youth of Greece. There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

About TEDx

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxAUEB, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxAUEB event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.


Seizing the opportunity the TEDx platform provides to Academic Institutions, we decided to organize the first TEDx event in a Greek University and introduce students to the concept of ideas worth spreading. The Athens University of Economics and Business is a place where the new generations of managers, marketers, developers, economists, entrepreneurs are being educated, and most importantly, a space where young people can interact, experiment and create new aspects and prospects of the Greek and not only economy and society. It is a unique environment to deliver a high quality TEDx experience from youth to youth, and have an actual impact and change to the students' life and community.


Date, Time and Location

15 March

Michalis Kakoyiannis Foundation, Peiraios 206, Athens

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Urania Gazelli
Petroula Karagianni
Sotiris Lymperopoulos, Radiki
Eleonora Viviani
Swap Not Shop,
Konstantinos Vamvakaris
Logou Paignion
Sophie Lambrou
Klimis Pirounakis
Damianos Chatziantoniou
Giorgos Chatzipavlou
Dimitris Tsakos
Theofilos Vasileiadis
Valerie Kontakos
George Kolliopoulos

Sylvia Klimaki


Sylvia V. Klimaki works at Skai TV in Athens. She produces, scripts and presents a taped, one-hour show ( that has as ultimate goal to restore faith and to encourage Greek society to move forward. She is also the anchor of the daily morning news. Before, she worked as a reporter at The National Herald of NYC. She also worked as a production assistant at Mediakite – a documentary and news production agency in New York. Prior she worked at CNN in London UK as a production assistant for the Business Traveller Show. She received her MA in Chinese Studies and Business in 2009 from Harvard University. She holds a BSc in Management Science and Technology from AUEB. She studied Mandarin at Fudan University Shanghai, Sisu University Shanghai and Beijing Language and Culture University.

George "Skoumas" Papanikolaou


George Skoumas Papanikolaou was born in Ioannina in 1987. From his childhood he would explore artistic sectors like music and drawing through self-taught experimentation. He graduated from high-school in Arta and he started his studies in the Department of Telematics in Epirus. Simultaneously, he got involved with photography and in general with multimedia. During his travels all over Europe he collected experiences and pictures. After buying his first DSLR camera he started experimenting photography and video. In 2011 he began recording his first no-budget action short-film, which despite the low initial expectations of creating a short trailer, evolved into a completed movie. Except photography and film-making, he enjoys the creation of short satiric productions practicing his humor. He collaborates with the Comedy Lab, maintains his own personal blog, sharing experiences and pieces of advice, and is developing plans for his next big production.

Urania Gazelli

Fashion Designer

Urania Gazelli is the creative name chosen by Greek designer Rania Giourmetaki for her bags label. The name was inspired by her much beloved late grandmother. With a background as an industrial designer, she has deep understanding of precise, high quality workmanship and aesthetics which is evident in each bag. Inspired by feminine sense of practicality, her design philosophy meets futurism with classicism. Her plexiglass handcrafted clutch bags are created in her homeland of Greece and are made using fine materials and finished with the brand's signature gold sign plated inside the bag. While her approach is playful and modern, it is always grounded in careful combinations and techniques, giving each piece the feeling of luxury and elegance.

Petroula Karagianni


Born 30 years ago in Athens and raised here, Petroula graduated from AUEB in 2005 and straight after moved to Rotterdam, The Netherlands to work in the global leadership team of AIESEC. When Rotterdam started to become too familiar, she moved to Zurich, Switzerland to work in the Banking industry, in the Finance and Strategy areas. That is when she decided to have a break and redefine the way she saw reality shaping around and ahead of her. Determined to follow her passion for Education, she quit her job, went on a soul-search and after a few months started her Masters on Educational Leadership, she started blogging her ideas around Education and started working with a few organizations that support entrepreneurs in Greece, that provide funds for education in the developing world and that offer cultural immersion programs. After 7 years living abroad, she decided to come back to Greece in January 2012, where she started working with AUEB in the area of Research and Academic Affairs project management. She loves traveling, as she has already been in 37 countries and she believes in the power that each one of us has to make our dreams our reality.

Sotiris Lymperopoulos

Food Scouter

After a degree in economics, a master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a project in econometrics at Sony Europe , a successful business in the fashion industry and 3 years of uninterrupted trip to the mountains and seas Sotiris Lymperopoulos decided that the city does not suit him . He left behind his old life and settled permanently in a small village in Messinia ,Raches. There he decided to try to live without money. He spent a lot of time collecting greens and herbs in the mountains of the area and found that there is a large number of edible plants never reach the markets of major cities. With zero capital, a basket and a knife knocked on the door of the best restaurants in Athens and tried to convince them that gastronomy in Greece should not be the lobster but the chicory. Began assuming management of wild food for estiatorio Milos.And while everyone else snubbed his service he decided to take the greens and go to Paris. There he met some of the most famous chefs in Europe who have shown much interest in his work and confirmed that his idea has future. Turning back he had decided to build a brand name based in the concept of wild food. Thus in 2011 Radiki was born.

Eleonora Viviani

Web Designer

In 2002, after graduating in Industrial Design at IED School of Design in Milan, she collaborated with Luca Trazzi Studio, designing home appliances. She then worked for two years at Gino Finizio – Design&Management, mainly dealing with transportation design, research and web design. Fascinated by the internet world, she decided to gain experience in a web agency and she worked as a web designer for companies such as Fontana Arte, Cyrus Company, Segis, among others. In 2006 she moved to MTV Italy, designed the community of and restyling of the Italian website of Nickelodeon. It was there where she encountered those who would become the founders of Stereomood. In June 2008 she moved to The Walt Disney Company in Italy. She has created the website, a new Disney teen magazine. In March 2011, she resigned to devote herself to Stereomood, which has now become, two years after its launch, a worldwide sensation. She is the CEO of the company and responsible of the image of the site. She travels, cooks and listens to music for inspiration.

Swap Not Shop Team

Clothing Exchange Movement

Sandra-Odette Kypriotaki, Thalia Geladaki and Viviana Miliaresi shared a love for feel-good vibes, DIY and clothes. Speaking of the latter, in fact they had too many, some of which they no longer wore. This is the reason why almost four years ago, they decided to host a feel-good DIY clothing exchange party among friends and acquaintances to give clothes a second (and a third, and a fourth) chance. Sandra's hyperactivity and love for noise and humans, Thalia's immense treasure hunting sprees in decadent shops and flea markets as well as jewellery making, and Viviana's strong sense of justice along with the view that objects should change hands, contributed to what quickly became a small anti-consumerism movement known as ‘Swap Not Shop!'. Apart from stuffed wardrobes, they also share similar backgrounds in fashion and communications, a strong human-centric perspective and the belief that days should be ceased and things we disagree with should be changed.

Konstantinos Vamvakaris


Konstantinos Vamvakaris is 16 years old and is one of the youngest amateur Karagiozis performers in Greece. Shadow theatre impressed him from the first performance he attended when he was 3. He got involved with this form of art since he was 5. He spent the years after, next to great Karagiozis performers and learned from them the secrets of shadow theatre. When he was 11, he got his first shadow stage and gave the first performance during a cultural event in his school. Since then, he has performed in his school, Kallidromos village, Tinos island and Attika. His higlight is his participation in a "Greek Shadow Theatre" happening, during the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics in Kallimarmaro stadium, in July 2011, along with other young performers. He also took part in 16th Athenian Karagiozis Fesival of Strefi's Hill in 2012. He considers the Shadow Theatre an important element of Greek culture that should be preserved. He keeps alive the figure of Karagiozis, the cynical folk hero of the Greeks. His favorite quote, said by Evgenios Spatharis, is "Karagiozis is the Greek himself, with the strengths and the weaknesses of a person who carried at his back the suffering of his country".

Elena Lamprou, Dora Thanopoulou

"Logou Paignion" Performance

"We first met as members in AIESEC, where we worked during the first years of our student's lifes. AIESEC's educational nature offered us a first glimpse into the magical field of learning and training. Somewhere between Erasmus program and our last exams in AUEB, we both came to realize the common inclination and interest that we had in Education."
Logou Paignion consists of musicians, actors and actresses, educators and animators, with the aim of realizing educational programs in schools. The educational programs are designed by Panayiotis Tsirides, who has years of experience in the fields of music education and children's literature. The backbone of all programs lies in interacting with arts through games and their main characteristic is the active participation of the students, who are divided in groups. Music, dancing, theater, literature and visual arts serve as tools in order to strongly motivate and help express every single child. All the above contribute to the development of linguistic capacity, by which we don't just mean the written or spoken word, but the whole mental and cultural package that society is supposed to provide to its youth, so that they are then able to become cultivated, creative citizens.

Sophie Lamprou

Social Researcher

Sophie's passion are communities made of socially responsible citizens that think, design, prototype & act together. She is part of the founding team of the HUB Athens(, a collaborative community of 5.400 entrepreneurs & innovators, that promotes, engages and drives social change through entrepreneurship & innovation. It is a platform that improves and facilitates the ecosystem to implement solution oriented actions for sustainable impact. Graduate of the Department of Management Science & Technology, Sophie was part of AIESEC ( from local to international level. In 2010, she moved in Madrid. The last 3 years, she is part of the hosting team of the Hub Madrid (, where she went to learn by doing how the HUB works. She is also part of the Creative Society team, ( a creative consulting community, supporting and empowering business & groups to solve problems by using their creative potential, where she was leading a global research for the conditions that accelerate youth entrepreneurship. Engaged with a social centre in Madrid, a bikers community and urban farmers, Sophie brings diverse expertise in activities & collective actions.

Klimis Pirounakis

Second Chance School Headmaster

Klimis was born in Piraeus in 1950 and his father was a priest, father George Pirounakis. After his studies at Department of Theology at University of Macedonia, Klimis moved to his farm in Kaparelli, Thebes, where he lives until today with his family. He there teached Theology in the local High School, since he became headmaster of Kaparelli's High School. A very intense moment in his life was a car accident that happened in 1968 when he was 18 years old, and since then he started to count and appreciate every second of his life and he gave a promise to himself to serve the others because he needs to be useful. Thus, 4 years ago he initiated and became the head master of a Second Chance School in prisons of Thebes, giving breath and hope to the prisoners. The second chance school has teachers and psychology and career counselors, and it is one of the four schools operating in prisons of our country.

Damianos Chatziantoniou

Data Scientist

Damianos Chantziantoniou is an assistant professor in the Department of Management Science & Technology in AUEB, focusing on the field of Data Management & Analytics. He has published more than 30 articles at top conferences and journals, and his work has influenced a wide variety of technologies including the Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle's 8i and 9i systems and the ANSI SQL Standard. There are more than 11 U.S. patents using Damianos' research work as primary reference and more than 150 citations to his work, including 9 data management textbooks. Besides academia, Damianos has been involved in several technology start-up companies. Panakea Software Inc. (founder, 1998), based in New York City, developed and marketed database querying/reporting technology to make analytic tasks easier to express and faster to evaluate. VoiceWeb SA (founder, 2001), based in Athens, focused on speech & telecom applications. VoiceWeb is currently the leading company in the Balkans in speech-related applications. Damianos has also served in 2007-2008 as a senior research consultant in Aster Data Systems, a high-profile database technology start-up based on Silicon Valley, dealing with big data. Aster Data was acquired in March of 2011 by Teradata.

Giorgos Chatzipavlou

Performer : Stand Up Comedy

Giorgos Chatzipavlou is one of the founders of the Athens Stand-up Comedy scene, from its humble beginnings. He studied Marketing & Advertising, and his work experience includes writing for some of the top advertising agencies in Greece. He has achieved fame through various theatre, radio and television productions (including the infamous "Skertsakia" & "Sfinakia" shows) and currently stages his self-written show "Things are (even) harder" ("(Akoma pio) Diskola Ta Pragmata") in the "En Athinais" theater. He is also a member of the team and hosts a radio show for VimaFM 99.5.

Dimitris Tsakos

Business Development Consultant

Dimitris Tsakos was born and raised in Chalkida. He studied in Athens University and Economics and Business in Department of Management Science and Technology and he completed his MBA in Holland. His origin is Greek-Irish and that fact gave him the "virus" of travelling (firstly in Ireland and later in Europe, America and Asia). His trips make him particularly poor in money but rich in experiences! He has the habit to observe the social mechanism of the places he visits and especially the way that people consider themselves as part of the society. The differences help him understand what leads some societies to growth through a continuous running race and others through simple and smart organization. His working experience is mainly in start-up companies as member of the founding team, fact that makes him have an opinion about everything, sometimes in an annoying way! Lately, he actively participates in the creation of "Investors Club Greece", a platform that brings together international investors and Greek enterprises that want to make a breakthrough for their development.

Theofilos Vasileiadis

Business Creator

In the summer of 1997 Theofilos Vasileiadis started a journey, full of intense and passionate moments, by founding the on-line recruitment company Kariera in Athens, Greece. In the following years to come, with Fanis Rigas as a co-pilot, he led a group of extraordinary talented and creative individuals in launching and growing businesses, in Greece, Romania, Italy, USA, India and currently Dubai & Saudi Arabia. His business acumen was acknowledged (jointly with Fanis) by the Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, awarded by the President of the Greek Republic. His fundamental challenge these days is balancing between the perfect storm of ideas raging in his head and his two children (21 months old Celia and 3 months old Stefanos). He never hesitates to leave business aside and focus on pursuing fresh knowledge, as at his time in Harvard Business School in Boston, where he spent 3 months before graduating from the Owners-Presidents Management Program or his current commitment on studying Greek Civilization in the Greek Open University. He will never forget the afternoon he first thought of founding a start-up, the 2 weeks he spent in Malawi with the Millennium Promise team, the first time Celia walked and the first time Stefanos laughed.

Valerie Kontakos

Producer / Director

A native New Yorker, she moved to Athens in 2003. Upon finishing NYU film school she worked on features and commercials until she met and worked for David and Albert Maysles and decided to concentrate exclusively on documentaries. Her work has aired on PBS (USA), WNET (NY), ERT (Greece), YLE (Finland), EBS (Korea). Since moving to Greece she has produced two documentary series for the national public broadcaster, ERT and independently produced a number of other documentaries. In 2009 she started Exile Room a non-profit media arts organization which organizes documentary workshops and screens documentary films.

George Kolliopoulos


Born perfectionist. Studied law at the University of Athens. Worked as a copywriter in advertising. Played drums at various indie rock bands. Wrote many texts on many pieces of paper (wannabe-literature, he calls them). Read much literature. Founded Speiron in 2006, the first luxury food & beverage company in Greece. λ /lambda/ ultra premium olive oil was launched in 2007. It is the first luxury olive oil in the world. Visionary, passionate and persistent, he adores the work of Ian Schrager, Takis Zenetos and Seth Godin. He’s in love with modernist architecture. He’s obsessed with rock music and Pitsika, his cat. He is always out there, reinventing things.

Registration 10:00 ~ 11:15

Session 1 (11:30 ~ 13:30)

  • Salutations
  • Petroula Karagianni
  • Students Act Pitches
  • Sophie Lamprou
  • Logou Paignion
  • Lunch Break & Workshops

Session 2 (14:30 ~ 16:30)

  • AUEB Modern Dance
  • Dimitris Tsakos
  • Damianos Chatziantoniou
  • Urania Gazelli
  • Eleonora Viviani
  • Swap Not Shop
  • Konstantinos Vamvakaris
  • Coffee Break & Workshops

Session 3 (17:15 ~ 19:30)

  • Klimis Pirounakis
  • Valerie Kontakos
  • George Papanikolaou
  • Theofilos Vasileiadis
  • Giorgos Kolliopoulos
  • Giorgos Chatzipavlou

20:00 TEDxAUEB After Party @ K44

  • Special Guests
  • Bangies
  • Teardrops
  • Mary Sinatsaki

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Mazin Hussein, TEDxAUEB Licencee and Curator

Mazin Hussein


A dreamer who strives to be a Doer. Born and raised in Athens, Mazin hails from Khartoum, Sudan. He studies Management Science and Technology in Athens University of Economics and Business, is passionate about technology, basketball, management, leadership, volunteerism, AIESEC, TED and the city of Athens. Mazin loves his major, as he finds the combination of Information Systems and Management harmonious. He has experienced volunteer work in Egypt, working with university students on skills development and for the last 2 years he has been working voluntarily in various positions of AIESEC Greece. Trying to engage and inspire our co-students for a bright and sustainable future, for Greece.

Kostapanos Miliaressis, TEDxAUEB Production Manager

Kostapanos Miliaressis


Kostapanos is a young professional defined by his passion for events, trainings and volunteering. He is an enthusiast multitasker, addicted to ideas and backpack traveling. Having grown up through AIESEC and TED, he is currently pursuing his BA in Business Administration at AUEB, whilst specializing in Project Management. Kostapanos aims to use his creativity and commitment in order to give the world a better shape; he recently found GloVo, a startup that seeks to match volunteers to the events they mostly fit in.

Irini Papagiannouli, TEDxAUEB Speakers and Delegates Servicing

Irini Papagiannouli


Whoever first meets her will describe her as a low profile person, but her friends know that once you get to know her she won't stop talking! About what? Kenya, where she spent a month and a half as a volunteer at a school through AIESEC, her university, social enterpreneurship, her dog Pin and all the great things going on! Apart from talking though, she likes to listen and try and help others, especially when it comes to topics such as "what I want to do in my life", but also listen and learn from others, and at these situations, she prefers to think more and talk less.

Nora Benardou, TEDxAUEB Financial Manager

Nora Benardou


Nora is a undergraduate student at Department of Management Science and Technology specializing in Finance. When she is not busy with TEDxAUEB, she is dedicated to SAFIA, a nonprofit student organization about foreign affairs. Nora loves travelling in places where cultural treasures are hidden and she is passionate studying foreign cultures. She learned about TED at the age of 15, and ever since she always wanted to contribute to such an organization and support ideas that can create a better world. She considers a blessing, the given chance to share her passion and show young people that no matter what the circumstances are, there is always potential to turn an opportunity into success! The least you have to do, is give it a try!

Georgina Kapralou, TEDxAUEB ER and Logistics

Georgina Kapralou

Food Dealer

Georgina is a young student constantly seaking for new opportunities, unique experiences and life-changing adventures. Her main characteristics are passion, creativity and commitment. She is a multitasker and always up to something new. Volunteerism is a big part of her life. Apart from being a TEDxster, she is an AIESECer and a student of AUEB at the Business Administrator department.Georgina loves books, piano, traveling and extreme sports. She is inspired from innovative people, doers who bring a positive impact to the society and do not settle down. Her motto is : "If you are in control, you are going too slow".

Elina Oikonomou, TEDxAUEB Marketing and Communications

Elina Oikonomou


Elina is born and raised in Athens and she is the oldest child of a six-members family. Her school years marked her participation in global student competitions of Microsoft and the initiatives she undertook as the president of her class committee. She entered Athens University of Economics and Business as a student on Business Administration and simultaneously is an active member of AIESEC. Her term as Vice President in AIESEC Athens in Egypt and Serbia gave her precious experience and knowledge on Marketing and Communication. She is an ambassador of TED philosophy and via TEDxAUEB she wants to spread the message of change and action among the young generations of Greece. Her passion is social entrepreneurship, marketing, education, travels, music and intense experiences.

Philip Protogeridis, TEDxAUEB Graphic Designer

Philip Protogeridis


Philip is a UI/UX Designer based in Athens, Greece. As an Informatics undergraduate at the Athens University of Economics and Business, he has cycled through various positions in the Web and Software Design Industry, including Back-end and Front-end Development as well as Branding and UI Design. Philip is a Student Partner at Microsoft Hellas, a founding member at ThinkBiz and has been awarded for co-founding Eclipsis, a Voice Assistant for Social Networking. He is a UI Designer at Niobium labs, serves as CCO of Sneak Aces, a Greek based Clothing Brand and CCO of iARK, a Digital Media Agency with concentration in Entertainment and E-Business. He has also been a member at the Natural Language Processing Group of AUEB, under the guidance of PHD Ion Androutsopoulos, till mid-2012.

Fani Maxilari, TEDxAUEB Experience



Fani is an undergraduate student at AUEB, in the department of Management Science and Technologogy. She loves travelling with her friends, because every trip, brings her closer to new experiences. She is interested in many fields, such as entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and psychology and she always enjoy discussing and cooperating with people from other cultures. Her passion is to share her creativity and ideas with others, in order to have a positive impact in society. The most important thing for her is to be open-minded, because life is about the different people you meet and about the things you create with them!

Spyros Mandekis, TEDxAUEB IT Support

Spyros Mandekis

IT Support

Spyros is a Pireaus-based undergraduate student in the Department of Managerial Science and Technology in AUEB, specializing in Information Technology. He is pursuing a career in software development and acts as the back-end developer and IT support of the TEDxAUEB Project, while contributing to the branding and promotion of the event. He is currently reasearching on the field of Big Data Integration and is a co-founder of an aspring Greek startup in the Microsoft BizSpark program. He is drawn to the TEDxAUEB vision and roots for a change in the reality of Greece and AUEB. He also likes cocktails with little straw hats.

Aris Konstantinidis, TEDxAUEB Inkinds

Aris Konstantinidis


Born and raised in a provincial city where every summer, before the school term began, he heard the same words: "Aris, you have to study hard this year". He entered first in the B.A. department of Athens University of Economics and Business, but "lost" his way later on and found himself involved in Startups, TEDx events, personal development books and people with a different philosophy of life, the well-known "doers". Currently, he is getting ready to graduate from University, while at the same time he is getting involved in a hundred more projects, one of which is GloVo, a startup he founded with 4 fellow students, who didn't know how to spend their nights, too. He loves volunteerism, sports, travelling, entrepreneurship and a couple more things, that he doesn't remember right now.

Fotini Zerikioti, TEDxAUEB Speakers Hosting

Fotini Zerikioti


Fotini is a recent graduate of the department of Marketing and Communication of Athens University of Economics and Business. After a year in France for her Erasmus exchange, her reality got totally redefined! She loves learning about different cultures and their languages. She is passionate about communication, and the protection of the environment. Currently, she works for DMST Media, seeks for challenging opportunities and cannot live without her friends and her laptop. Her motto is "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams", a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. So let our dreams become true and redefine our reality!

Margarita Iovi, TEDxAUEB Volunteers Coordination

Margarita Iovi


Margarita is an undergraduate student of the department of Business Administration of Athens University of Economics and Business. Her friends will describe her as an optimistic and energetic person, social and communicative as she likes meeting new people and "doer" as she wants to put ideas into action. Currently, she works for AIESEC as International Social Internships Manager and Executive Board Member. What she admires the most is the value of volunteerism, innovation and meeting new cultures and people and what drives her in life is challenges.

Filippos Stamatiou, TEDxAUEB Filming

Filippos Stamatiou


Filippos is passionate about entrepreneurship, learning and empowering people and ideas. He loves thrills, stories and bringing initiatives to life. He has been invloved with various projects and organisations, from AIESEC, Ashoka Argentina and Athens Video Art Festival, among others, while studying Management in A.U.E.B. Lately, he divides his time between the HUB Athens, TEDx AUEB and InMediTerraneum Festival. His fields of expertise include Event Management, Sales & Account Management, Business Development & Marketing. He calls himselft the Clever Idiot, whatever that means.

Lenia Anastasopoulou, TEDxAUEB Livestreaming

Lenia Anastasopoulou


Lenia is a recent graduate of the department of Economics of Athens University of Economics and Business.She loves whatever it has to do with education,enterpreneurship and learning experiences.She had an active role in organisations like AIESEC and KETHEA and she learned the importance of team work and personal contribution.When you meet her,she will listen to you.When you meet her again,she will start joking with you.Her friends describe her as a calm and optimism person with an extraordinary way of thinking.The expressions that follow her in life are "seize the day" and "follow your dreams".